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2 weeks ago

Pari Sophie

Unpopular opinion: Screw New Year’s resolutions. 🙅🏻‍♀️
And by that I mean the typical „Lose 10 pounds.“ „Quit smoking.“ „Make X-amount of money.“ These resolutions are often closely tied to restrictions and pressure.
Personally I usually write a list of funny things I’d like to do, like „Go to italy, just to have a pizza.“ or „Say yes to everything you‘d say no to for a day.“. That way I‘m setting myself up for fun, not torture.

But if you really want to invite change into your life start implementing more and more good habits. Small things. A daily walk around the block, taking your time for a nourishing meal, an inspiring experience, journaling... Then eventually you will be so busy enjoying all the positive vibrations that everything that‘s not serving you will disappear automatically.
The coolest part is, you don‘t need a new year to do that. You can start any time. ✨
#happy2021 #newyearsresolutions
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6 months ago

Pari Sophie

Hi there Blogpost-Friends,

"Try and stop for a moment. What is it that you enjoy? Without anyone else, imagine a world where whatever you choose to be, you’d be the coolest person around – what would you choose? What would you wear? What hobbies would you have? What would you eat? Where would you go? What would be your passion? What would be you?"

Read the full article here: parisophie.com/keep-your-cool
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