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This text was written while I actually wanted to come up with a caption for an Instagram post. I started to say all the things I had to say and all of a sudden it was way too long just for a caption. It was meant for the same picture that I’m posting with this blogpost and it goes like this:
In the picture above, I was in a really good space. I had been on a magical thai island for over two months, doing nothing but yoga, meditations, eating vegan food, soul talks with the best people and soaking up the highest vibes. Transitioning back into the day-to-day-life wasn’t the easiest thing for me. Now, I’ve been home for almost three months and am just beginning to feel like I’m fully arriving.
This month I started teaching yoga. It’s the coolest thing ever and I truly enjoy every second of it. Giving it all I know. Here’s the thing with giving though: You cannot pour from an empty cup. You can – on the other hand – pour from a half-filled cup. Leaving you with nearly nothing and others with way more than they had before. Not the healthiest of habits.
There is this quote that I’ve been loving:

“Be so full, that even if they take and take and take, you’re still overflowing.”

I’ve come to understand, that in order to give, while maintaining your own physical and mental health, you need to take care of yourself first. Your cup not only needs to be full, but actually overflowing. I’m a very feely person and have already noticed my energy draining out of me, as I keep on giving. A big part of my job now, is giving. Giving knowledge, giving energy, giving words and giving time. Giving emotions. To be able to keep on doing that, it takes self care. It’s a big part of my job too. It is, in fact, the very foundation of it all. I don’t have to feel bad for canceling appointments, not picking up calls, turning off my phone and needing space. No one has to. Frankly, we all should do these things. We all should prioritize ourselves first.
I’m very lucky in the sense that, I know myself, very well. I know how my body feels in certain situations. I know the physical reaction to mental discomfort. I feel those subtle differences as they arise, before they can evolve into something major. But this is only step one. The next step is to not only acknowledge it, notice it, but to actually honor it. Our bodies are whispering to us and we should listen to those whispers, before they turn into screams. Step three is doing something. Or rather, doing nothing. Standing still and being there for yourself. Sometimes, doing nothing, is all you need to do. Other times, doing something, like moving your body, going outside, is what your soul needs. Learn to know how it feels in your body, listen to it and act on it. A magical recipe for a healthy life.

Here’s to self care.

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