Disclaimer: I’m neither a doctor, nor a nutritionist. I have no idea about how much protein, carbs or stardust a human should consume in a day. In ten years there might be studies about how the amounts of matcha I’m drinking could kill me and I would have had no clue.
One more thing: I’m a spoiled brat. My grandmom cooked my food all my life. It’s incredible how yummy her meals are and I’m super jealous of that skill. Also, I suck at cooking. No, I’m not being humble here, I suck at cooking, big time.

Now, Pari, what is this all about?

I want to tell you a little bit about my personal eating story.
I grew up in a household, where eating meat and dairy was totally normal, while engraving a huge love for all animals into our hearts too.
When I was about nine years old, I remember watching a documentary on how cows are killed, before we can eat them. At the end of that documentary, I was devastated and wrote down a plan on this little piece of paper “When I grow up, I am going to be a vegetarian and a veterinary doctor”. I told my grandmom all about it, hide the paper in the depth of my bedroom and sort of forgot about it. Two years later, I slowly started to be grossed out by the blood that would come out of a steak, when eating it at my dad’s restaurant. I stopped eating red meat and just had chicken and turkey, until about 1.5 years afterwards, on a sunday, the fourth of April (I know this, because it was the Easter sunday of that year), my mom made bread. Not any kind of bread, but this dish, where you bake a whole piece of ham in bread dough. I had one slice of that dish, got up from the table and announced “From now on I’m a vegetarian!” – being dramatic as always. Most of my family smiled and didn’t really believe me. Fast forward to almost nine years later, today, they know I was for real. I haven’t touched any kind of meat since then. I also don’t eat fish. It’s easy, I don’t eat anything that was alive once.
I am a strict vegetarian, have been since the day I started. I’m the type of person that does everything, or nothing. Since I live with meat eaters, I would just pick out the actual meat and still eat the sauce, for example. It worked for me. I was very happy with being a vegetarian that way and kept saying “I don’t know if I’ll ever eat meat again, but being vegan is crazy, I couldn’t do it.”. Jokes on me. About two years ago now, something changed. On social media, I kept gravitating toward accounts that put up vegan recipes. In supermarkets, I would try to find vegan alternatives to dairy products and think about dishes that could be vegan. I became a vegetarian because I love animals too much to eat them. I don’t see a difference between a dog and a cow. Looking into veganism more and more, I feel the urge to make more plant based choices. I won’t go into the details of why I think, not eating animal products is a good thing. It just feels right in my heart and I want to listen to that.
Bottom-line: I’m a wannabe vegan now. If I was more devoted, I would be a strict vegan. But I have to admit, that I’m mostly too lazy to pre-cook meals to take with me on the go, or always make every dish from scratch in the first place. I love the idea of living a plant based life and am trying not to be too hard on myself. Making more conscious choices is progress. Baby steps still make you move forward.

Why am I writing all of this? As you have grasped by now, I’m lacking the cooking skills, since I was lucky enough to be treated to awesome meals all day, every day. With me trying to eat more plant based, my grandmom went on a strike and doesn’t enjoy cooking for me any longer, which forces me to turn on survival mode and improve my kitchen knowledge. I have a couple of recipes that I love and keep rotating, but want to expand (a lot). For example, saturday’s lunch was a total fail, while sunday’s dinner was a hit. It gave me the idea of a new Hashtag – #parisophieeats.
I want to take you along on my journey. Share recipes, that some of you might enjoy too. Also share the things that didn’t work out for me. As I’m sharing parts of my life here, I thought, I might as well share this bit too. I want to show the process of a real life person. I don’t glamorize veganism. I think it’s freaking hard, in a world where the standard diet always contains some kind of animal product, but let’s give it a shot. And honestly, maybe this isn’t just about being vegan. Maybe this is about me learning to cook. I might share simple vegetarian meals too, because nothing is just black or white, good or bad.

So, just letting you know, that I’m still eating solid food and not living off of light and love, even though that would be awesome.

Cheers to coconut milk and hummus,

PS.: This picture was taken in Thailand, because my food never looks this intriguing. Gonna have to change that.

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