Let it flow!

Let it flow…



We all know this scenario: There is this thing that we need, right now. It’s very urgent, non-replaceable and nowhere to be found. You’ve been looking for an hour already, now you’re starting to think it must be lost. You panic. This thing, you need it, it’s gone and you freak out. You freak out so much, that your headspace gets all cloudy and you can’t even think of the time you had it last. Your whole body gets tense, thinking you might have lost it. After another search, you give up. It’s gone. You must admit it. Let’s move on. You find another solution, your life did not depend on it and so you almost forget about the whole issue, when… Two days later, you walk into your apartment and there it is. In the most obvious place, open for everyone to see – the thing you’ve been looking for.

The same principle goes for everything in life. When you’re frantically looking for something, chances are, you won’t find it. Your thoughts are fixed on this one idea of what it should look like, where it should be, how it should feel, that any other options of exactly the same thing won’t even catch your attention. Don’t hold onto ideals. Make room for new things in your head. Open your heart to all the possibilities. Let it flow.

Happiness? Going out looking in the places you think you must find it, taking pictures of it to remember it forever, questioning if this is what it feels like, is not how it works. It comes to you when you’re ready, when the time is right and when nothing is forced.

Creativity? You can’t squeeze those amazing words and beautiful sentences out of your brain. Mozart didn’t write his first symphony because he had to, but because he could.

Career? Chasing that promotion for years now, even though you turned down the perfect job three months ago, just because you didn’t even look into it enough, thinking nothing could be as good as what you’re focused on.

Love? While you’re out there looking for a person that looks like Barbie or Ken, Shrek or Fiona over here would make you happier than you ever imagined. Tricky thing is, you will only find out if you’re open for it.

I’m writing this text because as I was trying to come up with the first blogpost to go up on regular schedule yesterday, I got so anxious. What do I write about? What do people care about? What do I care about? Am I ready to publish something on topic XYZ? All these questions clouded my mind to the point where I got so tired and insecure that I even questioned having a blog in the first place. I gave myself time. I let it go and came back to it today. There’s a cup of tea to my left, a candle burning to my right and my room smelling of Palo Santo – how cliché! It helped. Moral of the story, let go of everything you think you know, be open for everything that might come your way and most importantly, don’t take life too seriously, just enjoy.

Finally, there’s this great quote I love and I’ll leave you with that.

“Be water, my friend.”
– Bruce Lee

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