Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,


I want all the kids around the world to smile, even if it’s just for a split-second.
I want all the teens to enjoy their time without thinking about what they will post on social media.
I want all the adults to be able to relax and stop stressing out.
I want all the old people to have a cozy home they can spend their christmas at.

Dear Santa,
I want all the creatures of this planet to feel safe and fearless this holiday season.
I want love and light for the people that feel like they are trapped in darkness.
I want kindness to be spread around those who project their own pain onto the world.

Dear Santa,
I want more people to eat less meat.
I want less plastic to be used by most people.
I want more countries have less war.
I want less ignorance from more people.
I want more love and less hate.
I want less to be more.

Dear Santa,
I want all my loved ones to be healthy, in order for them to be happy.
I want to be able to beam myself to every place, in order to be with all my soul people whenever I want to.

Dear Santa,
I want California’s avocados and Thailand’s dragon fruits.
I want my mom’s ability to find comfort in chaos and my grandma’s cooking skills.
I want my dog to behave and the cats to eat downstairs again.
I want to like winter more and it to be spring soon.

Dear Santa,
Please let my wishes come true.

PS.: We usually get our presents from the Christkind, but I thought you could help each other out.

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