This shit just cannot be forced. You cannot just light a candle and wait for magic to happen.
Great start to a blogpost Pari, let’s try again.

I just finished writing another post and after being done with it, I felt so happy. It turned out good, I’m proud of myself for finding the right words for what I want to say. I also felt relieved and that got me thinking – Why is it, that I stress out about writing the blogposts? I enjoy doing it so much, but I also put the pressure on myself to publish an amazing, ground-breaking post every single week. This is especially hard for me during busy weeks.
Leading back to where I started from: Creativity can’t be forced. Every person that’s creatively active will be able to relate to this. You can’t just sit down at 7am, think real hard and boom – the words flow out of your mind, the song writes itself or the painting is done before you know it. As cool as that sounds. It just doesn’t work like that.
Creativity needs freedom. Mostly freedom of the mind. If you keep thinking about all the things you have to get done and all the places you have to be at, you won’t be able to hear those quiet, whispering noises, telling you the secrets of your own thoughts. You won’t be able to sense the slow winds, as they pass through the grass and almost sound like the laughter of a butterfly. If everything gets too loud, we’re not able to hear. We’re missing out on the most beautiful, fragile, precious things. Most and for all, our creativity. She needs a loving space. She needs our full attentions, without any pressure. Creativity is not easy, though it comes with ease.
What a beautiful mirror for life in general. Everything has it’s time. Things happen as they should. There is a perfect moment for everything, but not every moment is perfect for anything.

Listen to what timing has to tell you.
Hear the butterflies laugh.

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