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For everyone who doesn’t know, what network marketing is, I’ll explain it real quick.
There are two different approaches, you can choose one or both. Firstly, you can buy products for the wholesale price and then sell them for their retail price. The price difference here is usually something between 10 and 40%. Secondly, you can build a team and profit from other people’s sales as well. Going further, you can also make a percentage off of other people’s teams, if you brought those people into the business. It’s basically as simple as that, while details may vary between companies.

I was hesitant about addressing this topic, as I know many people have a very strong opinion about it – and so do I. But let me start at the beginning.
I like to call myself a “network-baby”. Ever since I can remember, my mom has been working with some sort of multi level marketing (MLM) company. I know how it works. I know people who were super successful with that. People who are living their dream. Families who could better the ways of the day-to-day life. All that is great. The thing is, I also know the flipside of it. How the practices of some companies – or rather “leaders” of those companies – consume some people’s minds completely. How it seems like nothing else is important besides this business and how money becomes the one and only reason of purpose. How humans will only want to interact with other humans involved in those companies. I’ve seen people buy shit they don’t need, just to reach a certain sales volume. I’ve seen people win and I’ve seen them lose. I know the ups and the downs.
I’ve decided to judge this whole business model a long time ago and demonize everything and anyone involved in one. I mean – we all know someone who posts pictures of expensive cars and inspirational quotes on facebook, thinking that will get them to actually be able to afford this stranger’s hot ride, right? Such behavior gives me shivers.

Fast forward to now.
Life is super funny most of the time and as it does what it does, I happen to fall in love with the product of a company that’s based on a MLM system. My first thought: „You gotta be kidding me. No way!“ It took me a lot of reflecting and debating and inward-looking, but I’ve come to realize, my problem was never the “what”, it was the “how”.
I’m annoyed at the fact, that I’ve had seven (7!) people, from the a well-known network marketing company, reach out to me on social media since I’ve publicly posted about being a yoga teacher. They were trying to lure me into buying and selling their stuff, which I wasn’t interested in, because I simply don’t need those products. Now look, if you’re one of those people, no offense, but I don’t even know either of you personally and just because I love yoga, doesn’t equal me loving your product/business. I get that you wanna reach out to like-minded individuals and spread the word, but randomly approaching strangers doesn’t to the job. The big issue I have with that is people don’t tend to promote an awesome product. It’s not about loving to help other people. It’s about the money you can make with it. Again, don’t get me wrong. Money is great. I love money. Everyone loves money. And everyone should love money. Money is the perfect tool to support yourself with anything materialistic. Just simply not at any cost. I don’t love money when it’s the main focus in one’s life. No positive values come out in money-driven people. Greed, hoarding, envy, fear. Money can and does bring out all these qualities in people. This is the part I absolutely reject about so many working in network.

As I mentioned, I found these products that almost feel like magic to me and then decided to work with a multi level marketing based company. I do so, because I 100% support these products, I believe in them and want to pass that knowledge and tool on. Plus, I can even earn some lovely money with it. Just like I teach yoga, not focused on becoming a rich bitch, but because I love doing it and it lights up my heart, seeing how much I can help people with it.
I promote those things and myself because I believe in what I do. Not to fill my bank account.

Sending an abundance of colorful paper and face-printed coins your way,
do something useful with your means today,

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