What is yoga?



Yoga is the journey
of the self,
through the self,
to the self.
– The Bhagavad Gita


Okay now, but what does that mean?
It’s about getting to know yourself, through different practices and techniques.
It’s never about anyone else, always just about yourself.
If you ever think it’s about something exterior, it’s really just trying to teach you something about your interior.

Yoga is a cat, a dog, a crow, a tree, an eagle and also just laying on the floor (they call it savasana). These are all names of poses. Movements you do, while linking them to your breath. Odd shapes, that are meant to make your body flexible and strong, in order to be healthy. The funny sequences make your mind flexible too, so you can adapt to new situations better.
This is the yoga that most people think about, when they wonder what yoga is.
But actually… Yoga is – so. much. more.

Yoga is choosing the no-animal option at dinner once.

Yoga is taking a deep breath before saying something in an argument.

Yoga is leaving work early, to watch your favorite show on TV.

Yoga is turning your phone off during a walk in nature.

Yoga is getting up in the morning, even though you don’t want to.

Yoga is knowing, that the rudeness of other people is just wounds that need healing.

Yoga is trusting your instinct, when the world has a totally different opinion.

Yoga is smiling at the grumpy person on the bus.

Yoga is not barking at the person you dislike.

Yoga is the feeling of the first ray of sunshine after weeks of rain.

Yoga is counting your blessings.

Yoga is sitting in silence.

Yoga is speaking up.

Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga is everything that’s done out of the pureness of one’s heart.
Yoga is getting to know yourself. Healing the wounds that need healing. Nurturing the seeds that are willing to grow. It’s spreading love. And light.

So, what is yoga?

Yoga is what you make it. Yoga is freedom. Yoga is life.


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