Stop. Look around.




7:30am. Saturday. I’m sitting in a bus to Munich. Tired. Leaving the house while it’s still dark outside is not my favorite. We start driving and slowly leave the city. As we drive onto the highway, it happens. The sun starts to rise and I’m internally freaking out about how awesome it looks. Orange, pink, purple sky, with the bright fireball rising behind the snow covered mountains of Austria. Breathtaking. I look out the window, my mouth wide open, stunned, as I notice, no one else is impressed. No one of the other passengers seem to even realize, what an amazing spectacle is going on. Right in front of their eyes. Right outside the window. I look back at the sky, it gets more beautiful by the second. Me, still mesmerized. Sipping on my black tea. My heart happily dancing to the song of nature. We keep driving. The colorful sky begins to fade, as we move further and further away from it. This miracle happened, with only one out of 21 people noticing. I wonder, how many miracles have I missed?

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