Roya – 6 months dog mom update

Time flies. I still remember, when I saw those cute puppy eyes in that Facebook post for the very first time. Immediate love. I adopted her six months ago now and it still feels like we’re getting to know each other. Every day there is a new thing she does or a different noise I recognize or another quirky habit she establishes. Let me start with the basics.

Roya is now 10,5 months old and has been in my life for six months and three days (not that I’m counting). She weighs 21kg and has a shoulder height of about 52cm.
She is still a rather anxious dog, but I’ve come to terms with the fact, that she might stay like this forever. This personality trait also allows me to take her with me everywhere I go, which is exactly what I wanted. She is the most well-behaved puppy during my yoga classes. I literally couldn’t wish for a better version of her. All she does is lay on her little blanket, watching me teach, while she slowly dozes off.
Her biggest fear are strangers – especially men – and driving a car. I try to be cautious with her in these situations, but also try to confront her with them gently, in order to show her, that whatever she might have experienced before, is not going to happen again.
Speaking of gently, another important topic to mention here is dog training. Roya and I did a 10 part program, that we started right after I adopted her. I chose this particular dog school, because I had heard good things about them, from a person I know. Looking back, I should have done more research. Now, I’m not trying to say, that everything they told me was bad, I just want to state, that their approach is not for me/us. I finished the whole course, mainly because I had paid for it already and I am glad, that I had someone outside of my family to turn to for advice regarding the puppy training, but if I’m being very honest, my gut feeling wasn’t the best from the start. Logically speaking, for an anxious dog, a very dominant way of training isn’t the best idea. Especially if the owner isn’t a very dominant, pushy person herself. Again, I am thankful for everything I’ve learned in that process, but I’ve now decided to go with what feels right in my heart, when it comes to raising Roya. She needs a steady, loving lead and I am overly happy to be that for her.

Onto the hilariously adorable things she does. Every time someone prepared her food, she will stand behind that person and poke her/him in the butt. On very exciting days, she even makes her way in-between the two butt cheeks of that said person.
When I go on walks with her, she spontaneously decides to turn on her crazy mode and run in circles or zigzag around me for approximately 5 minutes until she is totally exhausted.
If you belong to the few people she trusts, she will jump onto your lap as soon as you sit down at the kitchen table. The special part about this is, that she will only hop on with her two front feet and then scratch your leg with one of her back feet until you decide to pick her up, so she can lay on your laps completely.
She still sleeps in my bed (probably will forever) and besides little misunderstanding of her thinking the bed, pillows and blanket all actually belong to her, not me, she crawls as close to me as possible, the second she realizes I’m awake in the morning. She moves like a little caterpillar until her face is right next to mine and we start our cuddle session.
Last but not least, her nickname is “Gummi-Hund” because her joints are so flexible, it sometimes looks like she’s made out of rubber.

As I’ve addressed at the beginning of this post: I’m still getting to know this baby and she is still getting to know me. It’s the funniest, most exhausting journey ever – I wouldn’t change it for a thing. She makes me realize so many things about myself, positive and, well, not so positive ones. She makes me overcome my laziness and gives me so much love, words couldn’t describe.

All that’s left to say now is:
Thank you, universe, for sending me this soul. She is what I needed.
Puppy kisses,
Pari and Roya

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