Love yourself!




New Year’s resolutions.
I am not a big fan of the traditional ones. I am, however, a fan of kinky, fun, different ones.

Two years ago, Rachel Brathen (yoga_girl on Instagram) wrote this caption underneath one of her posts and I’ve had it printed out in my little calendar ever since:

“God lives in wild, reckless abandon of structure. Shake things up. Say yes when you normally say no. Break all the rules. Follow your intuition. Travel. Talk to strangers. Laugh out loud. Dance like you don’t give a fuck. Yell at the ocean. Hug a tree. Spend all your money. Cry when you feel like it. Be naked more. Eat whatever the hell you want. Quit your job. Start a new one. Speak your mind. Fall in love. Have your heart broken. Fall in love again.
Live your life for you! You were born a free spirit. Act like it.”

I absolutely love this. As we all might know, I don’t really like to live a very stereotypical life, so shaking things up is right up my alley. Do whatever you want. Be whoever you want. Live wherever you want.

You have no idea what this new year – this life – is going to bring anyway, so how about you just enjoy? Be in it to win it. And love yourself for doing so. Even through your biggest fuck up, love yourself for trying. Through your biggest accomplishment, love yourself even more, knowing you were the one who made it happen.
The one thing you cannot change is the fact, that you have to be with yourself forever. Why not utterly fall in love with yourself then? Let’s make this our goal: Loving ourselves.

Big kiss, I’ll see you on the other side.

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