I am…

This post is something special. The upcoming week is my birthday week and everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with my own birthday. I can act like the queen I think I am and people won’t even judge me for it – it’s brilliant.
The following lines are inspired by many conversations I’ve had while meeting new people and also by the picture you can see above, which I absolutely love! It is the perfect representation of what I’m all about. I like to say, that I can’t be put into words. I am too many opposites combined. The kind of “you have to see it, to believe it”-person. Let me try to give you a couple examples.

I was born and raised in a culturally Austrian household, but look like a standard middle-eastern girl.
Most of the blood that runs through my veins is middle-eastern, but I don’t understand any of the languages, that I should have inherited.

I am a yogi, but like to swear damn much.
I like to meditate and maintain a calm attitude, but I feel road rage on a totally new level.

I love sunsets, but get anxious by nighttime.
I like to start my day early, but not getting enough sleep is worse than any hangover.

I have the sweetest soul, but meet me in a bad second and the bitch-mode is real.
My mindset constantly switches from caring about every- and anything, to not giving a shit at all.

I am a well-behaved lady, but love that ghetto vibe.
Converse are my jam, but give me a reason to dress up and I’ll gladly rock those high heels.

My most used phrase is “fuck you”, but I would never wish anything bad on anyone.
I am very sensitive when it comes to aggressive behavior, but have no problem with standing my grounds in an argument.

I am super anti-religion, while my whole life revolves around spirituality.
I am the most tolerant person you will meet, but show me your intolerance and I will not have the slightest sympathy for you.

I promised myself to never be self-employed and couldn’t wish for a better work setup now.
I was pretty sure, that my yoga teachings would work out in the long run, but couldn’t have imagined it happening this quickly.

My sassy, happy, go lucky spirit is paired with a fair amount of pessimism.
I believe in the pure good of this world, while watching the news breaks my heart.

Being scared is a familiar feeling, but I make the most fearless decisions.
My heart is so big, sometimes it feels like I could love the whole world, then at the same time it’s hard to accept the being loved by others part.

I wear the cutest rosé sweater in front of the most beautifully blossoming magnolia tree, while casually flicking you off.
I guess my Yin balances out my Yang pretty well.

Basically, it’s easy.
I am…

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