It’s funny how the title of this post is German, but I’m writing it in English. Just going with whatever feels most natural here. I’ve been meaning to write about this particular topic for a long time now. Literally two months. For some reason, I’ve been putting it off though. Well, the reason is, that I’ve been waiting for the right moment. For the right event to pair this with. The right picture to go along with it. But no, this isn’t about perfectionism. This is about me sharing thoughts, that are close to my heart – how ironic, considering, I mostly think with my heart.
Glückskind. I’ve heard this word hundreds of times growing up and still, every time, it has something magical to it. Sometimes I wanted to yell and call bullshit for someone saying it, but most times, I felt incredibly humbled by it. Translated it means “lucky child”, but it’s one of the very few words, I find, the translation doesn’t do it justice. This word has to be said in German.
Here is the story behind it: All my life, my mom has told me

“You’re a Glückskind, Pari, everything you touch is destined to be great.”

Many times that was the response to me worrying about something or asking whether or not I should do that one thing. She always said it in a way, as if there was no doubt at all and that she wouldn’t waste another second even thinking about it. It made me feel very loved and supported as a child, while it made me angry in my teen years. How could someone claim to be so lucky, that they couldn’t fail at anything? How could she make it seem so easy, when all the things I was doing, were hard work? Thinking about my mindset back then, makes me realize how much I’ve truly changed. Now, today, I know – My mom was right. (Duh, they are right most of the times.) I am a Glückskind. I’m privileged enough to have the background, resources, support system and values to do whatever I want in this lifetime. I don’t say that in a cocky way, I feel overly humbled by it and I don’t want to waste it. I want to spend my life doing good things for the world, for the people and especially for myself. Change starts with yourself, so me wanting to make this world a happier place, starts with me being a happier person.
It warms my heart, looking at all the things I’ve accomplished and all the things that have led me here, to this day. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it was all necessary. I’ve realized this around the time I came back from Thailand last year. Now, every time my mom says this sentence to me, I get a little emotional. I truly feel like I’m at the right place, at the right time, wherever I go. That is a gift, that I’m lucky enough to recognize.
Most people that know me in real life, will know that I have a couple (quite a few) tattoos. I’m not big on sharing them and their meaning on Social Media. They are very personal to me and most of the time I don’t even like the question “What does it mean?” or “Why did you get it?”. This one has to go with this post though, frankly it’s what this post is about. You can see the picture above, it’s wonky, newly done, covered in foil, my arm hair is shaved off and the access ink is coming out, but I love this shot.
I feel so lucky, for so many things, constantly.

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