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    Why I don’t settle


    to sit or come to rest in a comfortable position.

    Imagine this: You’re living on a solid 60%. Nothing too crazy, but above average. You’re doing okay. Life is OK.
    Then somehow something happens and you make it to 80%. Like wow – those are 20 full percent more than what you were used to. You can feel this improvement in all different aspects. There are people that will never even make it to eighty percent. This is pretty great. That’s comfortable. Really comfortable.
    So now you’ve reached 80 out of 100 percent. Is that enough? Are you making yourself feel at home because that’s way more than you’ve ever known before or are you a little curious? Those last 20 percent, the jump from 60 to 80 changes so much, what could the next 10 do? What would 90% feel like? Or even 100? By leaving the 80, you could fall back down to 60 again, but you could also make a higher number.
    What kind of person are you? Playing it safe, “resting in a comfortable position” or daring to dream big?

    I never settle. Ever. Not in my job, not in relationships, not with friends, not in fighting for what’s right – not in life.
    I don’t settle because I couldn’t bear to knowingly live a life that would have had so much more potential. I couldn’t stand to think I was too “comfortable” to even try. There is a difference between settling and being fulfilled.
    There is a difference between striving for more and not getting enough. I am always grateful for what I have. I never take anything for granted, but if I see the opportunity to grow, I would be damned not to try.
    Those last 20 percent are where the magic happens. Where the breathtaking, earthshaking, mind-blowing experiences lay. That’s were life becomes mesmerizing. The thing is, most people will never get there. They are too afraid to lose everything they have, that they can’t even see all there is to gain.
    Ultimately, life isn’t about comfort. Life is about creating the best version of yours you could possibly imagine.

    Why would there be 100%, if we were meant to stick with 80?
    Don’t ever settle. Don’t ever get too comfortable.